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Accept a Challenge

YOU can make a difference

Bring awareness to the importance of conservation and protection of Florida’s water resources to your students, school officials, Scouts and community groups by engaging in a challenge. Activities are a great way to get everyone involved. Teachers may wish to have students take a pledge or do activities more informally. Get your creative juices flowing!

Here are some ideas you may want to use.

  • Create posters, placemats or signs for a local restaurant to display and/or display in your school.
  • Decorate environmental messages on local grocery store bags; return them for customers to use and/or display in local libraries and businesses.
  • Hold a water walk for students who ask others to sign the water conservation pledge.
  • Conduct a reading and writing exercise around water resource protection and conservation themes and share them with the class.
  • Provide protection and conservation tips in the school's newsletter or morning announcements.
  • Have each student complete the interactive home water use survey. Then complete the survey again after 30 days of applying conservation changes.
  • Establish in-school awareness goals and create an educational outreach campaign.
  • Create an electronic photo scrapbook of your challenge achievements.
  • Conduct water audits. Make necessary repairs to leaks, drips, faucets, restrooms and document repairs.
  • Plant a waterwise landscape at school or a local business using the waterwise plant database.
  • Ask a local radio station to interview students about water conservation or resource protection.
  • Explore and implement The Great Water OdysseySM program.
  • Establish a student challenge committee within the school. This committee could look at ways to protect the environment, reduce water use and incorporate activities into the classroom.
  • Build rain barrels. Although water captured in rain barrels is not sufficient to fully water the landscape, it can be used to water classroom plants, other potted plants, or small landscaped areas.


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