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About the district

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Overview and mission

Read our mission/vision statement, learn about our values, and see our notice of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Lobbyist registration requirements

Find information for persons who wish to lobby the district and how to register that intent.

District FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions and see a map that shows you what water management district you live in.


See maps of Florida’s five water management districts and the major watersheds within the St. Johns River
Water Management District.

District organization

Read an overview of the district’s organizational structure and view our Statement of Agency Organization and Operation.

Plans and reports

The district publishes a variety of plans that outline how it works to meet state mandates.

Public records request

View our public records policy and associated fees. Submit a public records request through our online form.

History of the district and water management in Florida

See the time line of key events in Florida’s management of water resources.

Districts protect water resources for all Floridians


It is the one thing that all people, plants and animals need.

Water is the common bond that brings together Florida’s diverse population. As our state grows, properly managing water resources continues to be critical to our overall quality of life.

The groundwork for managing water resources was laid in the early 1970s when Florida’s voters and lawmakers recognized the importance of managing the state’s water resources in a way that would benefit everyone. Through passage of the Water Resources Act (Chapter 373, Florida Statutes), the water management districts were created in 1972 for this purpose. In northeast and east-central Florida, that responsibility falls to the St. Johns River Water Management District.

Deciding to establish the water management districts came about after the state experienced devastating hurricanes in the 1940s and 1960s. Droughts have followed in each decade since the 1970s, including since 2000.

District officials recognize the need to have water resources available for people’s needs and to balance those needs with nature’s needs. In its daily operations, the district tries to strike a balance in water needs by educating the public about water conservation, setting rules for water use, conducting research, collecting data, managing land, restoring and protecting water above and below the ground, and preserving natural areas.


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Governing Board meetings
Please see agendas for specific meeting times, which may differ monthly.

Lobbyist registration requirements

Other district meetings and notices

Central Florida Water Initiative

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